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Hacking with wget

use usb key

mkdir -p localhost cd localhost mkdir -p dns cd dns mkdir -p cd

wget https://example.com/server-status

wget https://example.com/sftp-config.json

wget https://example.com/app/etc/local.xml

wget https://example.com/.git/config

wget https://example.com/.wp-config.php.swp

wget https://example.com/%23wp-config.php%23

wget https://example.com/wp-config.php~

wget https://example.com/dump.sql

wget -dnv https://www.askapache.com/sitemap.xml

wget --random-wait -r -p -e robots=off -U mozilla http://www.example.com

wget --spider -o wget.log -e robots=off --wait 1 -r -p http://www.mysite.com/

wget -b -c --tries=NUMBER URL

wget -b --limit-rate=SPEED -np -N -m -nd --accept=LIST --wait=SECONDS URL

wget -r -H --convert-links --level=NUMBER --user-agent=AGENT URL

wget --http-user=USER --http-password=PASS URL

First, create a text file of all the URLs you want to download using wget and call it wget_downloads.txt. Then to download URLs in bulk, type in this command

proxy= wget -rH -p -dnv -i wget_downloads.txt

proxy= wget -E -rH -p --no-check-certificate -i -dnv URL

proxy= wget -rH -p -K --no-check-certificate -dnv -i http://root@localhost

proxy= wget -rH -p -K --no-check-certificate --no-cookies --no-cache --follow-ftp -dnv -i http://

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