Install uniscan-perl-devil-master

$git clone

$cd uniscan-perl-devil-master

$sudo su

$apt update

$apt upgrade

$apt install perl perl-Tk cpanminus libc6-dev xterm nmap traceroute

$cpanm Moose

Test Working Moose

$cpanm --showdeps Moose --> Working on Moose Fetching ... OK Configuring Moose-2.2013 ... OK perl~5.008003 Dist::CheckConflicts~0.02 ExtUtils::MakeMaker~6.58 Package::DeprecationManager~0.11 Test::More~0.96 Scalar::Util~1.19 Sub::Exporter~0.980 Eval::Closure~0.04 parent~0.223 List::Util~1.45 Devel::StackTrace~2.03 Sub::Identify Class::Load~0.09 CPAN::Meta::Requirements strict~1.03 ExtUtils::MakeMaker MRO::Compat~0.05 Module::Runtime::Conflicts~0.002 Test::CleanNamespaces~0.13 Module::Runtime~0.014 Package::Stash::XS~0.24 File::Spec Carp~1.22 Devel::OverloadInfo~0.005 Sub::Name~0.20 Class::Load::XS~0.01 Package::Stash~0.32 Test::Fatal~0.001 Test::Requires~0.05 Module::Metadata Data::OptList~0.107 Try::Tiny~0.17 Devel::GlobalDestruction Params::Util~1.00 warnings~1.03 CPAN::Meta::Check~0.011 Dist::CheckConflicts~0.02


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#Installing on Debian

$ sudo su

$ wget

$ dpkg --install webmin_1.941_all.deb

$ apt install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl apt-show-versions python

nano /etc/apt/sources , paste deb sarge contrib

cd /root

$ wget

$ apt-key add jcameron-key.asc

$ apt install apt-transport-https

$ apt update

$ apt install webmin

open https://localhost:10000 user=root password=? yours root password

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