awk-interpreted programming language which focuses on processing text.bdiff-Compares two large files.bfs-Scans a large a and prints directory.chgrp-Changes a file's group ownership.chmod-Changes a file's access permissions.chown-Changes the individual ownership of a file.cp-Copies a file to another another UNIX the date and time.df-Displays free space in the file system.diff-Displays the differences between two files or directories.diff3-Displays the differences between three files or directories.du-Reports on file system usage.echo-Displays its argument.ed-Text editor.ex-Text editorexpr-Evaluates its argument which is generally a mathematical formula.f77-FORTRAN compiler.find-Locates the files w/ specified characteristics.format-Initializes a floppy disk.grep-Searches for a pattern within a file. kill-Ends a process.ln-Used to link files.lpr-Copies the file to the line info. about one or more files.mail-Used to receive or deliver e-mail.mkdir-Creates a new directory.more-Displays a long file so that the user can scroll through to move or rename files.nroff-Used to format a process's status.pwd-Display the name of the working directory.rm-Removes one or more files.rmdir-Deletes one or more directories.sort-Sort and merge one or more files.spell-Finds spelling errors in a file.split-Divides a file.startx-initialize an X sessionstty-Display or set terminal parameters.tail-Displays the end of a file.troff-Outputs formatted output to a typesetter.tset-Sets the terminal type.umask-Allows the user to specify a new creation mask.uucp-UNIX-to-UNIX screen editor.wc-Displays details in the file size.wget-download of files from the webwho-Info. on who else be online.write-Used to send a message to another user.

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